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Leather - Knit wrist and safety cuff Work Gloves, Drivers Gloves and Welding Gloves.

Cloth - Canvas work gloves, Jersey gloves, Chore gloves, Inspector lisle, Hot mill gloves,
PVC dot grip-enhancing gloves in both canvas and jersey.

Knit - String Knit Cotton gloves in several weights and styles, PVC and "honeycomb"
grip-enhancing gloves.

Kevlar - Cut resistant gloves.

PVC - Premium and Economy PVC dipped gloves in yellow or black and disposable gloves.
Ansell-Edmont Seams-rite.

Latex - Flock lined yellow latex gloves, Lightly Powdered and Non-powdered disposable
gloves (not for medical use).

Nitrile - Flock lined Ansell-Edmont Sol-Vex gloves, Disposable Nitrile gloves.

Neoprene - Protective coating that resists chemicals such as oils, acids, alcohol and solvents