1583 Picture Window Hova-Bator
1583 Picture Window Hova-Bator 110 volt, 18" X 18" X 9-1/4". Top has large clear plastic window for best viewing of the incubating and hatching process. Picture Window is double plate plastic with air space insulation to help eliminate moisture buildup, which would obstruct viewing. This incubator has a wafer thermostat. Same incubator as 2362 circulated air model except for large window in top. Large viewing area is ideal for classroom work, science projects, advertising and promotional work, and for group observation of the hatching process. Any of the turners will work with this unit or check out the combo packages we have to offer. 1611 turner has six racks for a total of 42 chicken, bantam, pheasant, guinea or partridge. 1610 turner has six racks like the 1611 AND six racks which will hold 120 quail eggs. Now comes with a clear plastic liner.