Hive Butler with Solid Lid

Hive Butler Hold 10 frames and comes with a solid lid.

The original--food-grade, BPA-free, heavy-duty, made in the USA. Holds up to 10 frames, any size, securely.  Comes with a solid lid for securing honey or storing drawn comb in the off-season.  High-UV tolerance and unending toughness.

You can cut out the bottom and add a grate to one butler and add a gate to another and use them as an uncapping tub. You can also either cut out and add wire or punch holes in the lid to make it ventilated.

We do not carry the vented lid or the pre-made uncapping tub, but have had customers adapt their Hive Butler. 

You can watch a video at (open in a new tab or it will pull you away from our site) :