Lyon Model TX-7 Turn-X Incubator
Lyon Model TX-7 Turn-X Incubator For specialized Breeders and School Science Projects Features 10 Turn Solid State Temperature Control, Mercury Dry and Wet Bulb Thermometers, Automatic Egg Turning is Standard. All the great Turn-X features plus a Ten Turn Solid State Temperature Control designed to operate in a range of approximately 90 degrees to 106 degrees F. Each 360 degree turn of the control covers approximately 1.7 degrees for precise temperature setting. Mercury thermometers are used for both the dry and wet bulb readings. Automatic egg turning each hour is standard. One turning ring included in the price of the incubator. Has a see through dome for egg observation during hatching, provides a constant air flow, temperature control, humidity adjustment, CSA approved. We recommend using a different thermometer. Shipped from the suppliers warehouse.