RX-210 10 Turn
RX-210 10 Turn Incubator The Model RX-2 is Lyon's best incubator. A separate outside water bottle allows you to open the dome at any time without spilling any water. Two Mercury thermometers are included. The solid state temperature control is available in single turn or a ten turn version. The single turn control covers the operating range from its nominal minimum of 80 degrees in a 270 degree rotation arc. The ten turn control provides an incubator range of approximately 90 degrees to 106 degrees. Each 360 degree turn of the control covers approximately 1.7 degrees for precise temperature setting. STANDARD FEATURES: Solid State Temperature Control, Large Capacity Outside Water Bottle, Mercury Wet & Dry Bulb Thermometer, Automatic Egg Turning Grid. One turning grid is included in the purchase price of your incubator. Specify which grid you want from the options at the right. Additional grids may be purchased as needed. We recommend using a different thermometer. Shipped from the suppliers warehouse.