Toprite Knotted Netting

Black UV resisistant Polyethylene Netting. Double strands weaved at the edges for attaching net. Tightly twisted constructions of the strands. This netting is ideal for flight pens in many ways. It is extremely light weight to work with, easy to cut and will not rust. It is easily fastened with hog rings, staples or nails. Ideal for large flight pens and especially handy for tops of smaller pens due to the ease of cutting to fit. Perhaps the most important advantage is the greater flexibility when birds fly into it.


We just purchased the remaining JA Cissel netting. Toprite, Toprite II, Ball Barrier, Toron, Fence All and Sport Fence. We have 1/3" to 2" mesh and from 5 ft to 100 ft wide and 12 ft to 175 ft long. Give us a call to see if we have the netting or fencing to fit your needs.