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Shipping seems to be too high, is this the correct charge?

We are working with shipping lookups, and a database of weights.  It is possible there is a mistake.  If something seems out of line, please e-mail us and we will check on it.


Someone from Cutler Supply contacted me about shipping being higher than was figured on the Internet. Why would it be higher?

If you ordered an item which is drop shipped from the manufacturer the shipping will probably not be correct because it is figuring the shipping from MI and it is actually being shipped from the manufacturer in another state. For example some of our incubators come from CA and if you live on the East coast the shipping will be figured like it is being shipped from MI not the West Coast. However, most of the manufactures we sell for are located in one of the Eastern States.



Can I order on-line from Alaska or Hawaii?
Yes. Shipping is usually best by Priority Mail.



Can I order on-line from outside the United States?

We do ship to Canada, but you would need to call us at 810-633-9450.



How can I order on-line if I do not want to use a credit card?

Checkout includes paying by Credit Card, PayPal or you can choose to send a check or money order.



I need to contact you about my order.
Which do I use to identify it, the customer ID or invoice number? Please do not use either of these numbers! They are not put into our system and we can not easily identify you with it; sorry. Please send us your name and ZIP code.



I have received a confirmation that you are processing my order but no follow up that it was shipped.
We will promptly ship, or in the case of drop shipments, order your item. If we have any problem or questions, such as out of stock or credit card not working, we will contact you by email. Otherwise, rest assured that your order is on its way.



I want to return an item.
A return authorization number must be obtained from us before any merchandise is returned for credit or exchange. Credit will be applied on future orders or may be returned to the method of payment. We can not be responsible for items returned without an authorization number. Shipping and return shipping will only be refunded if the item is damaged or we made an error in shipping an incorrect item. All items must be returned within 10 days of authorization. Books are non-returnable. No claims after 30 days. Goods are subject to 15% restock fee.


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