0299  Baby Chick and Grown Quail Coop

0299 Baby Chick and Mature Quail Travel Crate -

This travel coop typically holds 25-35 mature quail or poultry chicks. Some of its features include a positive spring latch, a top hinged door for easier loading of the birds, and a sliding side door that allows the birds to walk out without so much excitement upon their release. As well as low profile head room (4.5") which helps practically eliminate the number bruised birds; as they do not have enough room to jump up and hit the top. Each coop is designed with a solid bottom, and raised top corners to ensure a perfect fit of the bottom legs. To help make stacking several high a breeze; as well as protecting lower birds.

Already assembled prior to shipment.

Material: heavy duty, long lasting plastic

Outer Dimensions: 27" x 18" x 6.5"

Best uses: handling, holding, or shipping baby chicks or mature quail

Care: can simply be washed with a hose

We can also ship directly from the manufacturer at a lower price if you so choose.

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