Poultry and Gamebird Box Brooder

0534 GQF Universal Box Brooder

Brooder has clear front panels to allow full and easy viewing of the brooder's interior. Each brooder comes with three 28.5" troughs mounted on the outside of the brooder which may be used for either feed or water. The 300-watt heater provides sufficient heat while the vented plastic side panels keep out drafts. Each brooder comes with a thermometer, wafer thermostat and socket for attraction light bulb. The floor is a thin wire 1/2" mesh which will allow droppings to easily pass through. For small chicks like quail, this floor requires that a layer of 1628 DACB paper or paper towels be laid down on the wire for the first 4-7 days. Drop pans are made of lightweight aluminum. Each side panel comes with an adjustable gate to regulate openings. Small chicks such as quail will require inside feeder and waterer for the first 3 weeks. All three sides and back door are easily removed for cleaning.

Approx. capacity to 4th week: 100 quail, 50 chukar or pheasant, 50 chickens.

36" X 30" X 9 3/4".

Shipped from the suppliers warehouse unassembled or ours for faster delivery.

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