1602 Square-Hova-Bator Incubator

1602 Hova-Bator Incubator Complete with thermometer, snap action thermostat, ready to plug into 110 volt AC-25 watt. 18" X 18" X 9-1/4". This incubator is recommended for reptiles, because it doesn't come with a fan.

Approximate capacity when not used with automatic turner, 150 quail eggs, 85 pheasant eggs, 70 chicken eggs, 40 turkey or duck eggs. Has two observation windows, 5" X 4".

This unit will work with any of the GQF turners that we sell. Also check out the combo packages that we offer. 1611 turner has six racks for a total of 42 chicken, bantam, pheasant, guinea or partridge. 1610 turner has six racks like the 1611 and six racks which will hold 120 quail eggs. All Hova-Bators come with a clear plastic liner for easier clean up after hatching.