BZ02  Complete Deluxe 10 Frame Hive
Complete Deluxe 10 Frame Hive Complete 19" 13/16 X 16" 1/4 X 9" 9/16 hive body (unassembled), Wax Coated Plastic Frame and Foundation, Wooden Inner Cover, Plastic Telescoping Outer Cover, Entrance reducer, Screened Bottom Board for Varroa mite control. Hive bottom boards serve a great purpose for your colony by raising the bottom off the ground and eliminating moisture problems, It also helps in the control of Varroa mites. The debris tray is used for doing Mite checks. Coat the tray with light oil and slide back in to see the number of Mites falling off the bees in a 24 hour period. This will give you an idea of infestation levels. The Varroa tray can be removed for cleaning. Plastic outer covers need no assembly or painting. They are tough, cast, one piece construction that is rot and termite proof.