BZKit  Beginner Starter Kit
Starter Beekeeper Kit. The starter kit is a complete package to get you started in raising bees except for a NUC of bees. It comes with your hive and all the basics that you will need to get going in this new adventure. You will get a vest and gloves along with a bee keeping book that will help you know what to do. Kit includes the following: Hive body with 2 frame rests, Wooden bottom board, Entrance reducer, 10 Wooden groove top frames, 10 Sheets wax coated plastic foundation, Wooden inner cover, Wooden telescoping outer cover, Nails and assembly instructions, One pair of beekeeping gloves Size Small, Medium, Large or X-Large, One Vest with Veil/Hat Size Small or X Large, Hive tool, Boardman entrance feeder, Smoker and small bag of fuel, Beekeeping book (may not be as pictured).