BZKit-D Deluxe Bee Hive Starter Kit with 2 supers
Deluxe Bee Hive Starter Kit This is an updated kit from the Starter Kit. You get more, including a jacket, instead of a vest and a plastic queen excluder and bee brush. Everything to get you going as a beekeeper except for a package of bees. Includes the same items as the Standard Starter Kit, But also includes Plastic Outer Cover instead of Wooden and Screened Bottom Board for mite control instead of Wooden Bottom Board. Deluxe Starter Beekeeper Kit includes -1 complete hive body (unassembled) wooden screen bottom board, entrance reducer, 10 wooden wedge top frames, wooden inner cover, plastic telescoping outer cover, nails and directions for easy assembly, 10 sheets of wax coated plastic foundation,smoker, hive tool, leather beekeeping gloves, beginner beekeeping book. PLUS 2 shallow or medium supers with 10 frames each (unassembled) 20 extra sheets of wax coated plastic foundation for the medium or 20 extra sheets of the wax coated plastic foundation for the shallow supers. Jacket w/zip-on round veil and self supporting hat. (no helmet needed) Sizes S-4XL, wood chip fuel for smoker, plastic queen excluder, bee brush, and Boardman entrance feeder. Choose sizes of Jacket and Super.