BZU99- Plastic Screen Bottom for 10 Frame
BZU99-Plastic Screen Bottom Board
  • Includes 4-reversible Entrance Reducer/Mouse Guard for 3 openings
  • Entrance Reducers allows for ventilation when moving bees
  • Security pins keeps boxes from moving.
  • Includes slide out inspection board.
  • Self-draining design prevents buildup of water.
  • Rounded inner corners restrict hiding places for Small Hive Beetles.
  • Textured and angled landing board for drainage and easier landing.
  • Optional ventilated winter board minimizes drafts and controls humidity.
  • Includes 2-way notches to hold hive straps for hassle free moving.
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Never needs painting
  • ‘Ready 2 Use’
  • ‘Made in USA’, completely recyclable.