LNB10R Brower Roll Out Nest Box
LNB10R Brower Roll Out Nest Box LNB10R Brower Roll Out Nest Box

LNB10R Brower Front Roll Out Nest Box

Easy to assemble with screws (included), heavy galvanized steel with wooden perches. Has ventilation holes and removable metal bottoms for easy cleaning. All exposed edges hemmed to prevent injury. Double bolted perches to facilitate birds entering the nest and the perches fold up to keep birds out of the nest

There are ten 8" X 11" openings with poly roll out bottoms. A new feature as of June 2023 is that the nests can be set to roll to either the front or the back making this one of the most versatile options on the market. Eggs roll to a protected tray. Eggs laid in roll out nest trays stay cleaner. Back roll out nests allow the nest to be mounted with an egg collection aisle where the birds do not have access to the aisle. Nest trays can be used with perch assemblies in the front of the nest only. The backs are not designed for perches. You can flip up the perches for easy egg gathering.

Shipped from the suppliers warehouse unassembled.

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