RF50  Kuhl 50# Pheasant Range Feeder

Plastic Pheasant Feeder-One-piece, molded rain shield completely eliminates the chance of water leaking inside the feeder. The plastic shield is designed to go down over the top of the feeder body to the correct height providing an excellent rain and sun shield.

The feed pan measures 4-3/4" deep with a diameter of 22" The overall height is 24", cover diameter 24". Feed saving grill included, up to 50lb. capacity depending on the type of feed.

NOTE: Up to 3 units packaged in one carton, shipping charges vary according to quantity ordered. You may call for more accurate shipping rate and place your order at that time.

Due to the dimensional weight of the 6 pack our site cannot figure the shipping. Please email or call us for a shipping quote. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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