BZMDF   Super DFM Microbial
BZMDF   Super DFM Microbial BZMDF   Super DFM Microbial

Super DFM - HoneyBee uses only natural active direct fed microbial ingredients scientifically selected for maximum benefits to promote intestinal wellbeing in honeybees, thus strengthening colonies. These ingredients are GRAS and are safe for bee consumption.

Probiotics are internationally recognized to have beneficial properties in both animal and human health. SuperDFM is a rich and nourishing viable probiotic supplement that promotes bees' intestinal comfort. SuperDFM- HoneyBee is 100% compliant with all American animal feed regulations.

  • Promotes intestinal comfort
  • Reinvigorate hive performance
  • Safe, quick and easy to use
  • Outstanding yields
  • Long term efficacy

Long Experation Date, call for current date.