Plastic Bits - 2 sizes from 3 week old pheasant, quail, chukar and partridge through mature peafowl, chickens

Metal Bits - Metal bits and pliers for quail, chukars, pheasants, and chickens to help prevent picking

Debeakers - Debeaker and accessories

Peepers - To help prevent cannibalism in pheasants after 4 weeks of age. Peepers are made of low density polyethylene, which makes them very flexible. They will bend without breaking and return to their original shape. There are two ways of attaching them; either with a C-clip that is attached with a plier or a nylon pin that inserts through the nostrils. Peepers can be washed and reused by ordering extra C clips or nylon pins. We carry Kuhl perfect peepers, Kuhl economy peepers, Kuhl hoods, two kinds of nylon pins, c-clips and pliers. We have also added a new clip-on peeper that requires no pin or c-clip and Neoprene Blinders.